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From table models to life-size sculptures - We build small things really big and big things really small. Whether the scale is 100:1 or 1:100, we take on almost every challenge. From 30ft ships to 25ft high towers to life-sized vehicle models of all types.

Trade Fairs


Stand out from the crowd at the upcoming fair? We are happy to help you. Stand out from your competitors: With a LEGO model, present something that hardly anyone would expect at a trade fair.



We design and build complete exhibitions for malls, shopping centers, museums or your company. Choose your theme or let us inspire you. You determine the scope - from a few showcase models to the complete roadshow, we build everything you desire.

Mosaics and Pictures


As a personal gift or several square meters on the wall - a picture made of nothing but small LEGO bricks is always something special. The motif can be chosen freely. Much is possible and the result is always impressive for the audience.

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